CrimeRobbery at Alfamart, Cashier Beaten and Strangled

Robbery at Alfamart, Cashier Beaten and Strangled


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The robbery took place at Alfamart on Jalan Raya Uluwatu in Banjar Bakung Sari area, Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung, Monday (15/3) afternoon at 16.30.

The robber who was later identified as Moch Budi Setiyawan, 37, beat and strangled the neck of Alfamart employee Yolan Viktoria while seizing the victim’s cellphone.

The robbery action carried out by the suspect Moch Budi Setiyawan at Alfamart, Ungasan Village that afternoon, did not go smoothly. After successfully seizing victim Yolan Viktoria’s cellphone, the suspect’s cellphone was left on the cashier’s table. With this cellphone, the police can easily track the suspect’s trail.

As a result, only 3,5 hours after the robbery, the suspect, Budi Setiawan, was arrested by the police, Monday night at around 8:00 p.m. local time.

The suspect who worked as a construction worker for one of the villa projects behind the parking lot of the Padang Padang Beach area, Pecatu Village, South Kuta District was arrested at his working place.

South Kuta Police Chief, Police Commissioner Yusak Agustinus Sooai, suspect Budi Setiawan, was arrested without resistance. The suspect, who is known to have his address at Jalan Patih Logender Number 1, Pategalan Village RT / RW 001/002, Jatibanteng District, Situbondo Regency, East Java, admitted that he was frankly determined to rob because he was in debt.

According to Kompol Yusak, before being arrested that night, the suspect, Budi Setiyawan, came to the location of the robbery crime scene in Alfamart, Ungasan Village area alone, riding a Honda Supra motorbike. Arriving at Alfamart at around 16.30, the suspect immediately went inside and headed to the cashier table which was being guarded by Yolan Viktoria alone.

Seeing the suspect enter the cashier table area, victim Yolan Viktoria rebuked him.

“The victim reprimanded the perpetrator and reminded him that shopping should not reach behind the counter. Suddenly, the perpetrator hit the victim so that he fell to the floor. It did not stop there, the perpetrator also choked the victim’s neck until she was helpless,” said Kompol Yusak, Tuesday. (16/3).

After successfully paralyzing victim Yolan Viktoria, the suspect, Budi Setiyawan, immediately took the cellphone belonging to a woman from NTT which was stored on the cashier table. Immediately the suspect fled from inside Alfamart. However, without realizing it, it turned out that the suspect’s cellphone had fallen on the floor under the cashier table while paralyzing the victim.

“The victim (Yolan Viktoria) had chased the perpetrator to Jalan Raya Uluwatu. The victim saw the perpetrator running to Pecatu Village by riding a black and red-striped Supra motorbike, without front wings. When she returned to the Alfamart shop, the victim found the perpetrator’s cellphone lying on the floor near the cashier’s desk, “explained Kompol Yusak.

This robbery incident was then reported to the South Kuta Police. As soon as they got the report, the South Kuta Police Opsnal Team led by Iptu Wayan Dirga Adnyana, went to the scene of the incident at Alfamart, Ungasan Village to conduct the TKP and ask for testimony from witnesses. The police also checked the CCTV cameras around the site.

From there, they got the characteristics of the perpetrator. Moreover, the perpetrator’s cellphone was also found at the location. It didn’t take long, only 3,5 hours after the robbery, the police succeeded in arresting the suspect Budi Setiyawan in the project bed where he worked in the Padang Padang Beach area, Monday at 8:00 p.m. local time.

“The perpetrator admitted his actions. The perpetrator admitted that he was forced to rob because he was in debt,” explained Kompol Yusak.

Furthermore, the suspect Budi Setiyawan and the evidence of a cellphone belonging to the victim were immediately taken to the South Kuta Police Headquarters. The suspect charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code on Violent Theft, contains criminal threats maximum of 9 years in prison.

SourceNusa Bali


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