CrimeJealous Husband Shot His Wife's Acquaintance

Jealous Husband Shot His Wife’s Acquaintance


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I Made Widarma Putra (31) was arrested by the Badung Police, Bali, because he shot the victim with a rifle and injured him in the left thigh.

According to the Head of Public Relations of the Badung Police Iptu I Ketut Oka Bawa, Wednesday (10/3), the incident was motivated by feelings of jealousy. “The perpetrator then trapped the victim and asked him to come to a place,” he said.

The incident occurred, on Saturday (6/3) around 18:30 local time in Tegalan Banjar Tiyingan, Pelaga Village, Petang District, Badung Regency, Bali. At that time, the victim I Putu Juana was lured by the perpetrator using his wife’s, Ni Luh Sri (27), cellphone and ordered to go to an empty house to meet.

Initially, the victim did not want to meet at that place. However, it was as if the perpetrator forced him to meet and told him that the motorbike that the victim was carrying was brought in so that it would not be seen by the residents.

Then, the victim followed the request.

After arriving at the location, the victim was told to go first and after turning around the perpetrator’s body was pointing a long-barreled gas rifle and then shooting, saying, “What does it mean to meet my wife,”. Then the victim replied, “Your wife sent me here,” and at that time the victim was shot.

Thus, the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the left thigh.

Then the victim seized the rifle that was used to shoot him. After successfully seizing the rifle, the perpetrator immediately fled.

The victim immediately went home and sought treatment at the Petang II Public Health Center in Pelaga Village, with this incident the victim reported to the Petang Police Office. Through this report, the police then carried out a TKP and managed to arrest the perpetrator on Tuesday (9/3) at around 18:00, at a friend’s house in Banjar Semanik, Pelaga Village, Petang District, Badung.

Meanwhile, the evidence was secured by 1 long-barreled gas rifle Black Leopard SL SHB 45 caliber, black color with a length of approximately one meter with a black strap, 1 magazine 8 pieces of gas rifle bullets.

Meanwhile, is still not known whether the victim had a special relationship with the wife of the police perpetrator.

During the investigation at the Police, the perpetrator admitted that he had committed the abuse.



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