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26 Thousand Sanur Residents Will Be Vaccinated for the Green Zone


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Denpasar Mayor IGN Jaya Negara said that to realize the Free Covid Corridor (FCC) program as a Covid-19-free green zone in Sanur, vaccination will begin for approximately 26 thousand residents and workers in the Sanur area.

“We have to take into account the number of residents of Sanur and how many workers there are in Sanur. What is certain is that the entire Sanur area, with a total population and workers of approximately 26 thousand, so we are targeted for vaccinations,” said Jaya Negara when met at the meeting on Wednesday (10/3).

He said that previously the Minister of Health and the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy had designated three areas in Bali as the Covid-19-free green zone for the Free COVID Corridor (FCC) program. The three areas are Nusa Dua (Badung Regency), Ubud (Gianyar Regency) and Sanur (Denpasar City).

Jaya Negara explained that he is still waiting for instructions from the center regarding the technical implementation of the next Free COVID Corridor program. He said that currently it is still determining the location and will accumulate the real number of workers in the Sanur area.

For the number of workers, Jaya Negara said, vaccination targets are not only for people in Sanur. But also tourism workers who come from outside Sanur but work in the area.

He hopes that this vaccination can create a sterile area and a green zone for Covid-19. Previously, the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster mentioned that three areas of Bali, namely Nusa Dua (Badung Regency), Ubud (Gianyar Regency), and Sanur (Denpasar City) were designated as green zones. Covid-19 free for the Free Covid Corridor (FCC) program by the Minister of Health and the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

In the future, the three regions will be thoroughly vaccinated to form a healthy zone and free from Covid-19.

He emphasized that the Regent of Gianyar, Regent of Badung, and Mayor of Denpasar are responsible for its implementation.



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