TransportMatches and Lighters are Prohibited in Cabin Luggage

Matches and Lighters are Prohibited in Cabin Luggage


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Last year Ministry of Transportation issued a decree regarding the prohibition of carrying wooden matches and lighters in cabin baggage as well as checked.

This point was stated in the Decree of the Minister of Transportation Number KM 211 of 2020 concerning the National Aviation Security Program.

On March 10, 2021, the regulation will be enforced at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

Relation Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I Branch Office of International Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali, Taufan Yudhistira said that he is ready to support the enactment of this regulation.

“Of course we support every regulation issued by the Ministry of Transportation. This decision is none other than an effort for National Aviation Security, “added Taufan.

He further said that the Aviation Security Team would carry out an in-depth examination of passengers.

“If a passenger is found carrying wooden matches or a lighter, then it will be confiscated by Avsec officers,” he said.

Previously, the rules for the prohibition of carrying lighters existed because they were included in prohibited items that were restricted in flights.

Following the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 80 of 2017 (PM 80 of 2017), objects such as power banks, lighters, and some sharp objects are considered to be included in the category of the prohibited items because they can potentially be used to immobilize, injure and eliminate the lives of others, and can be used to take action against the law.


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