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Pursuing the Target of Nusa Dua to Enter the Covid-19 Green Zone


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The Nusa Dua tourism area is designed as a green zone for Covid-19. This plan has been addressed by the Badung Regency Government and immediately followed up by collecting data on tourism workers in the Nusa Dua area and the area supporting communities.

The reason is that in realizing the green zone, the government is faced with two challenges, namely the allocation of vaccines and the buffer zone.

The Head of the Badung Health Service, Dr. I Nyoman Gunarta, admitted that the plan of Nusa Dua tourism as a green zone has been addressed by the Badung Regency Government.

The Nusa Dua tourism area is one of the 4 tourism areas in Bali which is used as a pilot green zone area.

This was done to make tourists feel safe and comfortable when traveling, both by implementing strict health protocols, as well as vaccinating tourism workers, and buffer communities.

The green zone concept in question is how to implement it to make sure that people who enter and do activities in the area have been vaccinated.

If they have not been vaccinated, then the person concerned is required to do an on-site antigen swab for screening.

“So, people who enter there from outside the workers and the people who have been vaccinated are obliged to show information whether he has been vaccinated twice or not. If not, they have to do an antigen swab test, “explained Dr. Gunarta.

Furthermore, he is currently calculating the allocation of vaccines needed for tourism workers in the Nusa Dua area and buffer communities.

The buffer communities referred to are Benoa, Tanjung Benoa, and Jimbaran Villages.

Although the central government already has preliminary data from the Civil Registry Office data, in South Kuta the area is heterogeneous and dynamic.

Based on the data of recapitulation of tourism workers and the buffer communities that he obtained, his party submitted 69.958 people to the central government for vaccination.

They consist of 9,500 tourism sector workers in the Nusa Dua area and 60,458 buffer residents from Benoa, Tanjung Benoa, and Jimbaran villages.

However, he has not dared to predict when the estimation of vaccination can be done, because it depends on the allocation of vaccines.

“If the vaccine can go down in March, while the estimated mobilization of personnel for vaccination can be 2000 people per day, then the first vaccination stage will take 40 days.

Then continued with the second vaccination, so that the estimated vaccination will only be completed for 2 months, “he explained.

As a result, the mapping status of the Covid-19 risk zone for the buffer zone is also a determinant in determining the green zone.

Meanwhile, two buffer areas are known to have red zone status, namely Benoa and Jimbaran villages.

“Indeed, Benoa and Jimbaran Kelurahan are still in the red zone, it is a challenge for us to transform them to green. Also, the addition of new cases there and active cases is above 10 people per day “he explained.


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