CrimeA Man Killed In a Fight Against Robbers

A Man Killed In a Fight Against Robbers


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A sadistic robbery occurred at a villa project on Jalan Raya Semat, Tibubeneng, North Kuta District, Badung, Thursday (4/3) at 03.00.

The two perpetrators attacked the father and son who caught them in action. In the incident, a father, Ahmad Miskadi, 40, died with stabs all over his body. Meanwhile, his son, M Budi Prastyo, survived and suffered a stab wound.

Head of Public Relations of the Badung Police, Iptu Ketut Gede Oka Bawa, confirmed yesterday afternoon that before he died, Miskadi and his son Muhamad Budi Prastyo had a fight with perpetrators. Unfortunately, Miskadi died. Meanwhile, his son, Muhamad Budi, suffered a stab wound on the back of his right hand.

The victim and her child caught someone who entered their room at the villa project on Jalan Raya Semat, Tibubeneng Village, North Kuta District. Seeing someone enter the room, Budi Prastyo suddenly shouted thief.

“The perpetrator took two cellphones belonging to the victim and his son,” explained Iptu Oka Bawa.

This son and father then chased the perpetrator to the main road. Unexpectedly, there were two perpetrators and they immediately fought back. One of the perpetrators took out a knife and stabbed the victim’s child in the back.

Next, the perpetrator ganged up on Miskadi and stabbed him blindly, causing Miskadi to fall covered in blood.

“A witness named I Ketut Sutiawan said he saw a fight in front of Warung Sendok. The witness shouted for help. But the two thieves quickly fled on a Honda Scoopy motorbike to the north,” said Iptu Oka Bawa.

Upon receiving information about the incident, North Kuta Police and Badung Police came to the scene of the TKP. At the TKP the police found the slingshot allegedly belonged to the perpetrator. It is also known that two lost cellphones were taken away by the two sadistic thieves.

The victim’s body was found to be torn on the right cheek under the eye, a torn wound on the right side of the neck, an open wound to the artery of the right wrist, two stab wounds to the right side of the back. Also, stab wounds on the left arm and stab wounds on the right chest.

“The victim wore a gray t-shirt and green jacket, black and red shorts. From the results of a medical examination conducted by the North Kuta Community Health Center, it was stated that the victim had died,” he said.

Currently, the joint team of North Kuta Police, Badung Police, and Bali Police are still pursuing the two sadistic robbers.

SourceNusa Bali


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