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The Task Force Will Oversee the Entrance to Bali More Closely


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The new Coronavirus B117 variant from England has reportedly entered Indonesia. This condition made the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force anticipate its spreading.

Even though there have been no reports of cases of this new Coronavirus appearing in Bali Province, the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force is anticipating tightening the supervision of the Bali entry route by thickening personnel to monitor the traffic of people entering Bali.

Secretary of the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force, I Made Rentin, confirmed that the anticipation by the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force on the emergence of this new variant of Corona cases could only be limited to monitoring the traffic of people entering Bali strictly.

“We are thickening the personnel to tighten traffic control of people who come or enter Bali, by implementing a strict and more disciplined Prokes. Hopefully, there will not be cases of Coronavirus with a new variant in Bali,” said Made Rentin.

His party also appealed to the implementation of Prokes (health protocols) by preventing crowds.

“Rigorous health work is our key in Bali. The community is expected to never be careless about the implementation of these Prokes. Especially social activities. Crowding should be avoided,” said the Head of the Bali Province Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD).

Rentin said, as of last Wednesday, the positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali Province had increased by 198 cases, bringing the cumulative total to 34,897 cases (34,824 Indonesians and 73 foreigners).

Rentin added that there are currently 3 Covid-19 zoning reports in Bali Province that are still in the red zone (high risk). These three (3) regions are Tabanan Regency, Badung Regency, and Denpasar City respectively.

Meanwhile, 6 regions are still in the orange zone (moderate risk). The six (6) regions are Jembrana Regency, Gianyar Regency, Klungkung Regency, Bangli Regency, Karangasem Regency and Buleleng Regency.

Rentin added that currently SE Number 5 of 2021 concerning the extension of the implementation of village / kelurahan-based community activity restrictions (PPKM) in the new era of life in Bali Province is still in effect from 23 February to 8 March 2021.

This is a government preventive effort in overcoming the widespread spread. Covid-19 in society.

“The community is expected to carry out 6M, wear standard masks, maintain distance, wash hands, reduce traveling, increase the body immunity and obey the rules and not crowd by limiting social activities according to the applicable rules,” said Rentin.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dante Saksono Harbuwono reported the findings of 2 cases of mutation of the Corona B117 virus from England in Indonesia. This is the first case in Indonesia since the variant broke out in Britain in September 2020.

“Exactly today, we found the B117 mutation, UK mutation, in Indonesia. This is fresh from the oven, only last night 2 cases were found,” he said in a statement.

Dante Saksono Harbuwono accepted, with the discovery of this case, handling the pandemic in Indonesia would be even more difficult.

The B117 virus mutation was first discovered in the UK in September 2020. It is feared that the Covid-19 case due to this new variant is more dangerous. The reason is, the transmission is easier and faster.

Starting from September – early December 2020, this type of virus became the cause of 60 percent of active cases of Covid-19 in the UK.

A spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, said the government had built a national health resilience system to suppress the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 B117 virus mutation that had been detected in Indonesia.

One of these resilience is by strengthening the security of health protocols at the entrances to airports and ports. Efforts were also made to anticipate the spread of other mutated Covid-19 viruses such as those from Brazil to South Africa.

Two cases of Corona new variants from England were detected in two (2) Indonesian workers from Karawang, West Java. The Karawang Covid-19 Handling Task Force immediately carried out tracing and close contact testing related to these findings.

One of the patients, namely M, 40, came from Lemahabang District and A, 45, from Pedes District.

M is known to have returned from Saudi Arabia to his homeland and arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport on January 31, 2021. He then underwent isolation in Pademangan, Jakarta and the result was negative for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, A returned to Indonesia from Saudi Arabia on January 31, 2021. PCR A test showed a positive result of Covid-19 and then A underwent isolation in Pademangan.

“When they returned to Karawang, both of them were negative (Covid-19),” said Fitra in Karawang, Wednesday.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil asked the Karawang Regency Government to immediately anticipate the spread of the coronavirus mutation from England or B.1.1.7 that had been found in Karawang Regency.

“Don’t let it be missed. We can control it, while it’s still small, it must be detected immediately. If it’s late, the treatment price is very expensive,” Emil said.

He explained that this new variant of the corona virus infected two Karawang residents after traveling from abroad. Currently, the Covid Task Force team has been tracking the family.

SourceNusa Bali


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