CultureDuring Nyepi, Bali will stay Without Broadcasting

During Nyepi, Bali will stay Without Broadcasting


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Before Nyepi Day on Sunday (14/3/2021), three institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) related to socialization, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of the absence of broadcasts during Nyepi.

The three institutions are the Bali Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD), the Bali Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID), and the Bali Province Communication, Informatics, and Statistics Office (Diskominfos).

One of the contents of the MoU was the elimination of TV, radio and internet broadcasts during the implementation of Nyepi.

The head of the Bali KPID I Made Sunarsa explained that the MoU regulates broadcast time. He also mentioned that this MoU was made as part of maintaining the seriousness of the implementation of the Catur Brata Penyepian rules that will be carried out by Hindus in Bali.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Province Office of Communication and Information, I Gede Pramana, responded to the problem of a signal leak in the eastern and western Bali regions.

“The signal leaks during silence can occur because of the signal from NTB and East Java. If they reduce the signal strength it will not get caught in Karangasem and Jembrana. We will also invite friends to reduce their signal,” he said.

Regarding internet signals and cellular data, his party will also hold a coordination meeting so that several vital places can be connected, especially hospitals.

Gede Pramana said that his party will turn off WiFi internet in public areas during Nyepi Day. However, internet services in important places such as hospitals will not be turned off.

“The internet at home will be active. This means that all hospitals can have an internet network. WiFi is on, but Wi-Fi in open public areas is dead. If no one goes out during Nyepi, no one violates it. Internet networks at home can be active, in hospitals. Internet in hotels is on because there is quarantine and so on, ” explained Pramana.



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