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Doctors Ask Not to Turn the Internet off for Nyepi


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During the last few years, the implementation of Nyepi has always been followed by the disconnection of internet services and television broadcasts. However, amid the pandemic of COVID-19, the Chairman of the Regional Association of Indonesian Private Hospitals (ARSSI) in Bali Dr. Ida Bagus Gede Fajar Manuaba, said that disconnecting the internet can have fatal consequences.

He said that his party consistently asked not to cut off the internet during the pandemic. Regarding the plan to disconnect the internet during Nyepi this year, he said also the head of the Bali Health Service, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, had suggested not to cut off the internet network.

The development of COVID-19 cases is very dynamic, so the information on the development of COVID-19 patients, both non-symptomatic and symptomatic, within 24 hours is very valuable.

The internet is not only important for hospitals but also for people in this digital era.

“Because non-symptomatic people who are isolated at home will find it difficult to convey information about their condition, or information related to their families in the hospital,” he explained.

In the pandemic era, everything depends on the internet because all lines of community activity are digital-based.

Hospital room service information is currently also internet-based, such as room availability information. Telemedicine services make it easier for people to get health services so they don’t need to go to hospitals.

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