SocietyTwo Foreigners Submitted Applications for a Change of Citizenship

Two Foreigners Submitted Applications for a Change of Citizenship


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The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Bali Jamaruli Manihuruk led the Citizenship Application Session filed by two foreign nationals, on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

2 foreign citizens applied a petition to become Indonesian citizens.

The first foreign citizen was named Troy Sinclair, he previously had 2 nationalities, namely British and Australian.

“The foreign national first came to Indonesia around 2003/2004 and now resides in Klumpu Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung,” said Jamaruli Manihuruk who is also the Head of the Verification Team.

The foreign national also has a business engaged in tourism in Nusa Lembongan.

The second foreign citizen named Marlon Gerber who was previously a foreign national of Switzerland.

Marlon Gerber has studied in Bali until Junior High School (SMP) and has a mother who comes from Indonesia.

During the session, the Verification Team asked several questions including questions about the insight of Citizenship, Taxes, and Criminal Actions.

“The two foreigners can answer questions about citizenship quite well.

The two foreigners were also asked to sing the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya, “he added.

Also, the two foreigners were obedient in reporting taxes and had never committed a criminal act.

The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali as the leader of the session assessed the two foreigners formally, however, the Verification Team will carry out further verification and wait for the completion of documents from the two foreigners


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