FeaturedEditor picks5 Balinese Specialties Suitable for Vegetarians

5 Balinese Specialties Suitable for Vegetarians


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Finding vegan or vegetarian meals can be difficult if you are visiting tourist areas for holidays. But you don’t need to hesitate about it in Bali because some of the following meals can be your choices.

Rujak Bulung

photo by @anadinana_

Derived from Serangen Village, Rujak Bulung uses seaweed as the base material because this village is a producer of abundant marine seaweed.

Apart from seaweed, this salad comtains other non-animal ingredients such as fried soybeans and fried grated coconut which is completed with special chili sauce. Rujak bulung is enjoyed with ketupat for those of you who like it.

Tipat Cantok

photo by @ursandnic

Tipat cantok is often equated with gado-gado because of its name which means stirred ketupat. Tipat cantok uses the main ingredients in the form of diamond and vegetables such as water spinach, bean sprouts, and boiled long beans.

While the seasoning is a mixture of brown sugar, peanuts, chilies, lime, and kencur. Tipat cantok is usually served in a coconut leaf wrap and has a savory and slightly spicy taste.

Serombotan Klungkung

photo by @bebektimbungan

Originating from the Klungkung area, serombotan is a healthy vegan meal because it uses vegetables as spinach, round eggplant, kale, sprouts, green beans, and long beans. What is unique about serombotan is the use of three different spices.

The seasoning is sambal nyuh which is made from grilled coconut that is finely grated and mixed with spices. The second seasoning is unyah sere limo which is a mixture of seasoning using orange juice and the last is the peanut sauce. The combination of these three spices makes serombotan even more delicious!

Jukut Urab

photo by @madeeliss

Although the appearance looks like vegetable anointing in Java, jukut urab has different spices and flavors. The vegetables used are bean sprouts, spinach, long beans, and carrots.

The spice from jukut urab is a bit unique, namely using urab sauce with ingredients in the form of chilies, shallots, garlic, brown sugar, kencur, pepper, and lime leaves which are then sautéed and given grated coconut and lime juice.

Also, when served, jukut urab will be given fried peanuts to complement and add a delicious spicy flavor.

Bulung Kuah Pindang

photo by @liligundiwarungjajebali

This meal uses seaweed as the main ingredient. The seaweed used is dark green and slightly reddish. Boiled seaweed will be combined with pindang sauce and other fine spices.

The spices are made from ginger, grilled shrimp paste, chilies, and salt. Bulung kuah pindang is enjoyed with rice or ketupat and given complementary ingredients such as lime juice, grated coconut, tolo beans, peanuts, and soybeans.

Those are some traditional Balinese dishes that can be a reference for those of you who are vegetarian or vegan.

SourceIDN Times


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