HealthSandiaga Threatens Serious Health Protocol Violators With Deportation

Sandiaga Threatens Serious Health Protocol Violators With Deportation


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The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, responded to several cases of violations of the health protocol by foreign tourists in Bali. Sandiaga Uno admitted that he had coordinated with several immigration parties, police, and the army to take action if any foreigner violated health protocols.

“We convey to the ambassadors that we will act firmly following the prevailing laws and regulations regarding 3M policy. We will continue to socialize, after we socialize, we kick off today until March 4, 2021, after that we start monitoring and evaluating involving Immigration, Satpol PP, TNI, and Polri,” Sandiaga said.

According to Sandiaga Uno, if a foreign citizen (WNA) re-violates the health protocol, sanctions will be imposed.

“Now, if there is a violation, we will give the first warning following the Bali Governor Regulation, but if there are foreign tourists who are still stubborn they will be deported,” he said.

Along with the enforcement of health protocols, Sandiaga Uno hopes that the COVID-19 vaccination program for 13.000 workers from the tourism and creative economy industry in Bali can run smoothly. He believes that the COVID-19 vaccination can be a pillar that improves the 3M and 3T health protocols.

“We hope that this will increase the level of security and comfort of tourists who are present in Bali,” he added.

Vaccination of COVID-19 for tourism and creative economy industry workers in Bali is in line with the Free Covid Corridor program which is currently being pursued with several stakeholders. The program, which is currently being discussed and finalized, is expected to save more than 34 million jobs in the tourism and creative economy industry throughout Indonesia, especially in Bali.

“We must anticipate the availability of this vaccination in five destinations that will become the basis for the Free Covid Corridor, namely Nusa Dua, Sanur, Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Penida,” said Sandiaga.

Through the Free Covid Corridor, he continued, several innovations, adaptation, and collaboration steps have been compiled at this time. Namely the Vaccine Based Tourism program, the Long Tram Visa program or Work From Destination, or School From Destination in Bali.

“Through colossal collaboration with local governments, ministries, and related institutions, we hope to create more sustainable tourism,” he concluded.



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