CultureTypes of Balinese Traditional Clothing and Their Different Functions

Types of Balinese Traditional Clothing and Their Different Functions


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Clothing not only has a use-value but a social symbol so that it can provide a cultural identity to an individual. This means that clothes have a very deep essential value.

Indonesia has a total of 1,304 ethnic groups. With such a large number, of course, the traditions are so diverse. Including the traditional clothes, of course various, with a reflection of the unique identity that accompanies them.

Balinese kebaya

At first glance, from the shape, it might be the same Balinese women’s kebaya in Java. But there are quite striking differences in the use of accompanying accessories. Balinese kebaya is accompanied by a scarf that functions as a belt. This scarf is tied to the stomach. Balinese kebaya generally has a simple pattern and color.

Safari Shirt

The safari shirt is a traditional dress intended for Balinese men. It looks like a shirt, with a collar and buttons. The safari shirt has two pockets at the bottom of the shirt. There is also a pocket on the left chest.


Kamen looks like a sarong and can be worn by both men and women. Even so, the way to use it is different. In men, Kamen is worn around the waist, curled from left to right, and has a knot at the front. While for women, it is only worn in a circle without making a knot.


Have you ever seen the unique head covering that Balinese men usually wear? Its name is Udeng. Udeng has a knot stitch in the front center. There are two commonly used udeng, namely plain or colored. Plain udengs are used during religious events, while colored ones are used for daily activities.

Prada belt

The Prada belt is worn by Balinese women as a Kamen holder. The color of this belt is usually striking, with Balinese motifs.

Payas Agung

Payas Agung is Balinese traditional clothing that has a special and luxurious impression. Of course, it is only worn on special occasions, not daily clothes. Payas Agung has a color combination of gold, red and white. Payas Agung is accompanied by a sizable crown, which is worn by both men and women.

In addition to the crown, other accessories that are worn are usually keris and songket cloth (men), and the upper body and luxurious songket (women).

Payas Madya

Unlike Payas Agung, Payas Madya is more flexible in its use, it can be worn in daily activities. The accessories are not standard. Men can wear t-shirts or shirts as a top. The woman wears a scarf and Kamen as a subordinate.

Payas Alit

Payas Alit is clothes that are worn every day. Men with the udeng. Women with kebaya and Kamen.

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