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5 million Doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine Will be Distributed to 7 Provinces in Java-Bali


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The spokesperson for Covid-19 Vaccination at the Ministry of Health (Kemkes) Siti Nadia Tarmizi said that the availability of vaccines for the second stage of vaccination was not sufficient for all targets. Where in the second stage of vaccination targeting the elderly and public service workers, targeting around 38 million recipients.

This month, it is planned that 7 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be distributed. Of which 5 million doses of vaccine will be devoted to seven provinces in Java and Bali that have the most Covid-19 cases.

“We are distributing it in stages, we said that the availability of vaccines is not sufficient for the target of 38 million. In the initial stage, 7 million were distributed, with five million distributed in Java-Bali in the seven provinces with the most covid cases,” said Nadia in Online Discussion on Monday. (22/2).

A spokesperson for Covid-19 Vaccination from Bio Farma, Bambang Heriyanto, added that his party had imported more than 25 million bulk vaccines. Currently, the bulk vaccine is being processed into a finished vaccine.

“It is estimated that this month we will have around 7.5 million doses ready and in March we will estimate 11.4 million doses. So we are preparing to support this program so that there will be no problems with product availability,” said Bambang.

Currently, Bambang said that there are already 20 batches of Sinovac vaccine produced. Where one batch there are about 950.000 doses of vaccine. Then there will be 19 million doses that have been produced.

As for the vaccines that have been produced by Bio Farma, five batches have received lot releases. Each batch of vaccines produced must obtain a BPOM lot release certificate, which means that the vaccine must go through a quality test first.

“Because each batch must get a lot release certificate, that is, a quality test is carried out in each batch. There are only 5 batches at this time, in February there are 8 batches that are ready to get lot releases for use by the elderly or public officials,” he explained.

Apart from the availability of vaccines, Bambang also mentioned that the distribution and storage of vaccines are points that need to be considered in the vaccination program.

“We have distributed it to six provinces as of yesterday, yes, in West Sumatra there are 9.970 vials, Central Java 100.430 vials, Jogjakarta 10.820 vials, East Java 91.420 vials, Banten 28.800 vials, Bali 13.030 vials. The total we distributed yesterday was 2.6 million doses. Today we plan to distribute 2.3 million doses to West Java, DKI Jakarta, West Sumatra, and South Sulawesi,” explained Bambang.



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