HealthBadung Suggests Vaccine Based Tourism

Badung Suggests Vaccine Based Tourism


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The Badung Regency Government is proposing vaccine-based tourism to be able to bring foreign tourists back to Bali which is safe from the spread of the coronavirus.

It is also designed to install GeNose or a Covid-19 screening tool in public facilities, including tourist spots in Badung.

Chairman of the Badung DPRD Putu Parwata said, apart from vaccinated foreign tourists, tourism actors in Bali also get the covid-19 vaccine.

“This has been proposed by the Regent of Badung. But this is a global disaster, and directed, we are waiting for instructions from the central government, ”said this PDIP politician from Dalung, North Kuta.

Furthermore, Badung Regency has a big interest in reviving the economy from the tourism sector.

That way, vaccine-based tourism must be a concern. The readiness of the Bali tourism health protocol is also a guarantee of trust for foreign tourists.

However, he also acknowledged that it is not easy to build international trust. However, this can be proven beforehand that the condition with Covid-19 in Bali has improved, including treatment for people with Sars-cov-2 infection and people without symptoms (OTG).

“The community also needs to do the same to maintain and implement health protocols in an orderly manner. This must be convinced because all of them are indicators of trust, “he explained.

These indicators must be met and carried out by stakeholders including the community and it cannot be just one indicator.

Without being followed by a health protocol and awareness from all stakeholders, he believes foreign tourists will not come to Bali.

“They will not dare to visit a country where conditions are dangerous for their health. So, we must first prove the handling of Covid-19 and changes in the behavior of all elements of society, “he said.

Badung also plans to install GeNose, a Covid-19 screening tool in public places including tourist attractions.

With the installation of GeNose, which is the work of the nation’s children, it is hoped that there will be no more restrictions on operating hours and tourism can begin to open slowly.

Currently, the Badung Regency Government is conducting a joint study with the Badung Regency Covid-19 Task Force, regarding the plan to use GeNose in public places.

“This tool (GeNose) can detect and screen. So, every citizen who comes is immediately screened, whether positive or negative.

If it is negative, it can go straight in. If it is positive, we will immediately take further actions such as isolation, ”explained Badung Regent I Wayan Adi Arnawa.

GeNose is the work of experts at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta. This tool has received a license to use from the government, and for one test it only costs IDR 20 thousand.

GeNose detects the air the patient exhales, unlike the Antigen Swab or the one that picks up mucus from the nasal cavity.

This official from Pecatu gave an example of this tool is installed in a mall or shopping center, then every visitor who may enter is only negative.

In the early stages, his party plans to install this tool in public service centers such as Puspem, as well as tourist attractions.

“In the Mall, for example, if you have installed this tool, you no longer need a thermo-gun. Every visitor must be screened through this tool, otherwise negative can enter.

Everyone who interacts in the mall is negative, so there is no need for restrictions on opening hours and so on, “he concluded.


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