Crime7 Officials Suspected in Misusing Recovery Grants Detained in...

7 Officials Suspected in Misusing Recovery Grants Detained in Bali


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7 officials from the Buleleng Tourism Office (Dispar) who became suspects in the alleged misappropriation of National Economic Recovery (PEN) grants for tourism in Buleleng, were officially detained. Special Criminal Investigators (Pidsus) Kejari Buleleng are also still investigating the case. It is suspected that there were 3 (three) other agencies that also received the flow of funds for misappropriation of PEN grants.

The Buleleng Kejari Pidsus Team again examined 7 Dispar officials: Made SN (Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office), Nyoman AW, Putu S, Nyoman S, IGA MA, Kadek W, and Putu B. One other suspect, Nyoman GG, was still not present at the examination due to illness.

After being questioned, the suspects were escorted to the Buleleng Police Headquarters detention center and Sawan Police Headquarters. “From the results of the investigation, the team of investigators thinks that detention is necessary. Therefore, starting today, we are detaining the suspects,” explained K Guru Buleleng, I Putu Gede Astawa.

3 female suspects were entrusted to the Sawan Police Headquarters Prison and 4 male suspects at the Buleleng Police Headquarters Prison. The remaining 1 (one) suspect will be detained if the doctor declares him cured. “The detention was carried out because there were concerns the suspects would hide evidence. Also, to speed up the prosecution process,” said Gede Astawa.

Gede Astawa said investigators had been investigating the suspects since Tuesday (16/2). In this case, his party managed to confiscate evidence in the form of cash amounting to Rp 456 million from the suspects. “As a result of the actions of the suspect the state suffered losses of around Rp. 656 million. We are still investigating this case,” he continued.

The suspects are threatened with being charged under Article 2, Article 3, and Article 12e of Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption (Anti-Corruption Law) as amended by Law Number 20 of 2001 concerning Amendments to Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption Crime (Law 20/2001).

Head of Section for Pidsus Kejari Buleleng, Wayan Genip added that it is possible that the number of suspects, in this case, will increase depending on the next examination. He said, from the statements of the suspect and witnesses, there were 3 other agencies in Buleleng Regency Government that have received the flow of PEN misappropriated funds. His party is still exploring this matter.

“We are still investigating who received the flow of funds, including how much. The initial information we got, there was a flow of funds that went out to 3 other agencies in Buleleng Regency, the amount for each agency was Rp. 1-3 million, “explained Wayan Genip.

He emphasized that the recipient of the flow of funds could be prosecuted if it had been planned. “If previously agreed between the recipient and the donor, there is a possibility (legal proceedings). But if they (the recipient of the funds) receive the money without knowing where it came from, we cannot ask for criminal responsibility,” he explained.

Wayan Genip explained that the alleged misappropriation of the PEN grant from the central government had a mark-up method. During the Buleleng Explore and Bimtek activities, the technical implementation officials agreed on prices with hotel and consumer service partners. However, in the SPJ activity report, the price is marked up higher, up to 30-45 percent.

The partner admitted that he had to accept it because otherwise it would be transferred to another place. The partner accepts on condition that he is asked to return the remaining funds as agreed.

On the other hand, Wayan Genip said that the detention of the suspects will be carried out for the next 20 days until March 8. The Buleleng Prosecutor’s Office has also appointed several public prosecutors (JPU) to handle this case. “We are trying to complete the documents as quickly as possible to be submitted to the prosecutor. We are still in the marathon of conducting investigations,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, regarding the detention of Buleleng Dispar officials who were suspects in the alleged misappropriation of PEN grant funds, the Buleleng District Secretary, Gede Suyasa said that his party appreciated the ongoing legal process.

His party also invited the prosecutor to process 3 agencies within the Buleleng Regency Government that were suspected of receiving the flow of funds of misappropriation of PEN grants.

“We are not in a position to do crosschecks, because it is not a justice team. If indeed the prosecutor has found it, that means there is a legal process, ” explained Secretary Suyasa.

As previously reported, the Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office, Made SN, and 7 other officials are suspected in the case of PEN fund misappropriation, which the central government has disbursed for economic recovery amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kasiswa Buleleng, I Putu Gede Astawa, revealed that the 8 people who were named as suspects, in this case, were Echelon II to Echelon IV officials in the Buleleng Tourism Office. They are Made SN (Head of Buleleng Tourism Office), Nyoman AW, Putu S, Nyoman S, IGA MA, Kadek W, I Nyoman GG, and Putu B.

SourceNusa Bali


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