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PPKM Micro Program Not Able to Suppress Positive Cases of Covid-19 in Bali


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Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office I Ketut Suarjaya assessed that the application of restrictions on micro-scale community activities (PPKM) that had been implemented during one week had not had an impact on the decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases, which can be seen from the positive numbers that are still fluctuating.

“These cases are still fluctuating, the impact of the implementation of Micro PPKM is not yet apparent,” he told on Thursday (18/2/2020).

According to Suarjaya, currently, Bali’s positivity rate has reached 30. Meanwhile, the average occupancy rate of beds in the isolation room of the Covid-19 referral hospitals has reached 60 percent. The average occupancy rate of the ICU rooms has reached 70 percent.

Furthermore, Suarjaya said that the key to successfully suppressing the growth rate of corona cases was discipline in carrying out health protocols.

“Everywhere now the key is the discipline to run the Prokes itself,” he said.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster admitted that the Covid-19 cases in Bali were still quite high due to community ceremonial activities.

“I reported to the president that in Bali I asked for permission to have a good day ceremony. Good day for marriage, a good day for Ngaben, tooth cutting ceremony. Miscellaneous. Every month all good days. If it is not implemented it will disturb the order of life, ”he said.

“So it increased a bit positively, but we are trying to deal with it so that the numbers of those who recover are high and those who die are few. Even though the rate in Bali, which is usually small, can suddenly become 540 a day. So it was also surprising, but now it is starting to slope, “he said.

Since the implementation of PPKM Mikro on 9-17 February 2021, 2,658 people have tested positive for Covid-19, 12,109 people have recovered, and 89 people have died.

Until now, there are 31,347 positive people cumulatively, 27,657 people recovered and 839 people exposed to corona in Bali, and 2,851 people who are still in medical care.


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