HealthSecond Phase Of Vaccination in Bali

Second Phase Of Vaccination in Bali


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The Bali Provincial Health Office has shifted focus to the second phase of the vaccination program in Bali which will start at the end of February 2021. Public servants such as TNI-Polri, airport officers, port officers, and journalists will be the priority recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, Ketut Suarjaya stated this when confirmed, Monday (15/2/2021). “The dose of vaccine that will be used for the second phase of vaccination will still use the Sinovac type vaccine,” he said.

If there are no obstacles, the vaccine will arrive in Bali on Wednesday (17/2). “Based on the information we received this Wednesday, we will come again. We do not know how many additions, what is clear is that after it arrives, all areas in Bali will be prioritized if the target is completed as soon as possible,” he said

Suarjaya also conveyed that for the first phase of vaccination, which began in mid-January, Bali itself has been running well. There are already around 91% of health workers in Bali who have been vaccinated.
“Right now, more than 90% of medical personnel have undergone vaccinations. Those who have not are due to not meeting the requirements or have not passed the initial screening test, but efforts are still made to ensure that those who have not been vaccinated,” he said.

“But what is clear is that this vaccination cannot be 100% because there are certain reasons that prevent him from being vaccinated,” he continued.

Suarjaya also denied that there was an issue regarding health workers in Bali not being vaccinated in the second phase because the vaccine doses in Bali had run out. According to him, the entire series of COVID-19 vaccinations for health workers has so far been running smoothly. “It is not true (health workers failed to be vaccinated because there was no dose), our vaccine stock is still sufficient,” he concluded.



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