Travel5 Tourist Destinations in Tejakula Buleleng Bali

5 Tourist Destinations in Tejakula Buleleng Bali


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Tejakula District is located in Buleleng Regency, Bali, or the northern part of Bali Island.

Almost every corner of the island of Bali offers the charm of its beauty that cannot be missed.

Including exploring Tejakula District, Buleleng Bali.

You have to rent a motorbike to anticipate congestion and a smooth trip, you can rent a motorbike to make traveling in Tejakula easier.

Here are 6 recommendations for tourist destinations in Tejakula, Buleleng, Bali

See the hidden tourist spots of Yeh Mampeh Waterfall

photo by @ali_rubin

After enjoying the typical Tejakula morning air in Penuktukan Village, you can go straight to Yeh Mampeh Waterfall, also known as Les Waterfall, in Les Village.

From Penuktukan Village to Les Village, the distance is only 5.3 km by motorbike or about 15 minutes.

The waterfall about 30 meters high offers a unique view. The reason is, the water flow will not directly reach the pond.

However, the water will appear to be flying through the air first.

This has earned it the name ‘Yeh Mampeh’ or ‘flying waterfall’.

The waterfall area is surrounded by shady trees.

You don’t need to worry about being exposed to the hot sun while playing water or swimming in a waterfall pool.

Look at the culture and traditions of the people of Sembiran Village

photo by @ariawanagus

Sembiran Village is the oldest traditional village in Tejakula District.

The village, which is surrounded by trees, has houses that look like they are arranged towering over each other.

This is because local people build houses following the contours of the land which are slightly uphill.

The distance from Yeh Mampeh Waterfall to Sembiran Village by motorbike is approximately 16 km.

Upon arrival at Sembiran Village, tourists can enjoy historical tourism by seeing its citizens who still maintain traditions that are thousands of years old.

Even old buildings are still standing today in the village that has existed since the Megalithic era.

If you want to see some ancient furniture, you can visit the Old House.

After walking around Sembiran Village and chatting with the local community, you can take a short break at the restaurant while enjoying typical Buleleng culinary delights.

Lunch at Warung Ming Ming. If you are still hungry, you can stop for a while at Warung Ming Ming.

The location is on Jalan Raya Tejakula and is about 9.1 km from Sembiran Village.

The restaurant offers a variety of food choices such as sweet and sour fish, fried rice, and fresh prawns.

Menu prices start from IDR 10,000.

Cultural tourism in Tua Julah Village

After enjoying a delicious meal, you can continue your trip to Tua Julah Village, which is about 11 km from Warung Ming Ming.

Tua Julah Village is one of the Bali Mula villages that still maintain the traditions and culture that have been attached since time immemorial.

While enjoying the beautiful surroundings, you can see how in the village there are no cheers or class divisions.

The government system in this village that has existed since 923 AD is also unique because they adhere to the Hulu Apad system.

If you want to see other uniqueness of Balinese Mula traditions and culture in Tua Julah Village, don’t forget to interact and mingle with the local community.

Learn to weave at Surya Indigo

After visiting a traditional village, the next tourist spot that can be visited is Surya Indigo in Banjar Kubuanyar, Pacung Village.

From Tua Julah Village, you only need to cover a distance of about 6.3 km or about 17 minutes by motorbike.

Surya Indigo is a weaving place that has been around since 2000.

Apart from selling beautifully woven fabrics that are traditionally produced, the place also offers tourism activities.

Not only seeing the traditional Balinese weaving process, but you can also learn about weaving techniques and fabrics, and even try to learn to weave.

You can also learn to make batik.

Enjoy the afternoon at Ponjok Batu Temple

photo by @ang_david

After enjoying the beauty of the woven fabric and learning how to weave, you can spend the rest of your vacation time visiting Ponjok Batu Temple.

The location is on Jalan Airsanih Pacung, to be exact 3.0 km from Surya Indigo or about 4 minutes by motorbike.

The temple is located on the beach.

The contrast between the view of the temple building and the open sea makes it look beautiful.

Pura Ponjok Batu is one of the temples with a rich history.

One of them is a story about Danghyang Nirartha or Pedanda Shakti Wawu Rauh who is a Shiva Sidanta priest.

Apart from learning the interesting history behind the majestic Ponjok Batu Temple, you will also be treated to a view of an artifact sanctified by the local community.

The artifact is a rock in the shape of a boat on a rock.


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