HealthCorona Variant From Britain Has Not Entered Indonesia

Corona Variant From Britain Has Not Entered Indonesia


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Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19 Wiku Adisasmito stated that until now the new variant of Sars-Cov-2 found in England had not been found in Indonesia. This is based on observations by Lembga Eijkman, who routinely performs Genome Sequencing.

“From the findings, Eikman B117 is not in it, but the D614G mutation has been found widely. In principle, the virus always changes, as it spreads to humans and can make vaccines less effective”, said Wiku, Thursday (11/02/2021).

He said for changes and mutations to the effectiveness of the vaccines given, it could only happen if there were extreme changes. However, various research institutions have also revealed that the virus that causes the Covid-19 pandemic is very dynamic.

“The government is always preparing for the worst that could happen in the future. Meanwhile, Indonesia continues to carry out genomic surveillance”, he said.

Previously, Wiku revealed that the government was trying to achieve community immunity or herd immunity. This can be achieved at least 70 percent of the total population has received the vaccine.

In the Covid-19 vaccination program, the government targets all people who meet the criteria for vaccine recipients to be vaccinated. It’s just that for different times of giving.

The community, the elderly are also included in the priority group for Covid-19 vaccine recipients. This is because the rate of the increasing number of patients dying from Covid-19 continues to increase every day and the elderly are a high-risk group.

Also, in preparation for the next stage of vaccination for public servants, Indonesia will independently produce the Covid-19 vaccine. PT Bio Farma, as the Sinovac vaccine producer, will supply the vaccine needs.


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