CultureBalinese Will Wear Traditional Balinese Endek Every Tuesday

Balinese Will Wear Traditional Balinese Endek Every Tuesday


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Bali Governor Wayan Koster appealed to Balinese to wear clothes or clothing made of endek / traditional Balinese woven fabrics every Tuesday.

This appeal is intended as an effort to stimulate local products during a pandemic. “This applies to all, not only people in government or private offices, as well as the general public. On that Tuesday, wherever they carry out activities they must wear Balinese endek woven cloth,” said Koster on Thursday (11 / 2/2021).

This appeal was formally poured in the Governor of Bali Circular Number 04 of 2021 concerning the Use of Balinese Endek Woven Fabric / Balinese Traditional Woven Fabric, which was signed on Thursday (28/1/2021) and is effective starting February 23, 2021. “Government and society Bali must take sides and be committed to local resources by playing an active role in preserving, protecting and empowering Balinese endek woven fabrics / traditional Balinese woven fabrics”, he said.

ANTARA/Nyoman Hendra Wibowo

Besides, Balinese endek weaving has been listed as a Communal Intellectual Property for Traditional Cultural Expressions with the Inventory Number EBT.12.2020.0000085 by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia on 22 December 2020.

“Clothing/clothing made from Balinese endek woven fabric / The traditional Balinese woven cloth must be a local product of the Balinese people. Its use is not restricted or does not have to be uniform with a certain motif,” he said.

Use on Tuesday is excluded if it coincides with the Full Moon, Tilem, and Anniversary of the Regional Government.

“So, this circular is effective starting February 23, marked by wearing new clothes/clothes made from Balinese endek woven cloth / Balinese traditional woven cloth, which can be implemented using local products of each regency/city,” said the governor.

Koster added that the use of clothes/clothing made from Balinese endek weaved fabrics / traditional Balinese woven fabrics, is also an appreciation of the collaboration between the Bali Provincial Government and the Christian Dior Fashion House in Paris which uses Balinese endek woven fabrics like clothing, including using its motifs for bag products and shoes in 2021.

“We give a pause so that people have time to order. The important thing is to buy it at the local in Bali, the important thing is that the endek is new, it can’t be the existing one. It’s up to the order, where you want, which price class is according to each ability”, he said.

On that occasion, Koster also appealed to regents/mayors in Bali, leaders of vertical agencies, leaders of universities, leaders of private companies, and so on to actively promote Balinese traditional fabrics in various local, national, and international activities, to improve the economy and welfare of Balinese.

SourceNusa Bali


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